CHIPS's Specialties

  • Adolescent / Young Adult Development 

  • Family Systems Therapy

  • Parent / Life / Executive Coaching

  • Simple and Complex Trauma / PTSD

    • EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) Therapy Advanced Certification

  • Anxiety

    • Panic Attacks, Stress Regulation, Phobias, Social and Performance

  • Anger Management

  • Depression Recovery / Suicide Ideation

  • Men’s Healing Transitions

  • Substance Abuse

    • Addiction Recovery

  • Co-Dependency / Boundaries

  • ADHD / ADHD Parent Support Groups

  • Character / Performance / Motivational 


  • Couple Therapy

  • Grief and Loss

  • Spiritual Direction

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Chip Sawyer, MA, LPC

Chip Sawyer is the founder of Inspire the Family, a profound counseling practice aimed at coming alongside those who are hurting while instilling hope. He is a graduate of Denver Seminary with a Masters Degree in Counseling Licensure. Chip has been a licensed professional therapist for eleven years. He brings twenty-five years of life experience in business leadership and motivational training with individuals teams and corporations and has dynamically incorporated his skill set to serve adolescents, adults, couples and families; providing a safe, compassionate, strength based, therapeutic setting. Chip also provides life, parent and executive coaching services. 

Chip works from a trauma informed approach. He has a great deal of experience working with both Simple and Complex Trauma / PTSD. Chip works toward helping his clients build a strong, balanced, mind/body/spirit connection which provides a functional framework to move forward and thrive. 

Chip firmly believes in providing the necessary tools for coping, effective communication and strength building. He empathetically looks beyond the presenting behaviors with his insight approach. While journeying with his clients to find their motivations that provide the drive behind their behaviors, together, they identify the clients needs and dysfunctional patterns. They embark on building new strategies that better serve their own needs as well as the needs of those around them. Chip often focuses on matters of the heart, healthy boundaries and attachment styles knowing that the need for safety and connection, are foundational for all of us. He has a good deal of experience in the areas of depression, suicide ideation, anxiety, conflict resolution, co-dependency, shame, addiction, and ADHD. Chip also holds certifications for counseling adopted children. Chip is dedicated to serve both the traditional and blended families as well as the single parent family home. Chip holds parenting classes across the south metro area and provides parent support groups as well.


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