Frequently Asked Questions

When you are deciding if therapy is right for either you or your loved ones, many questions arise. It is a sacred process where each question must be met with respect and accuracy. Here is a list of the most common questions clients have before they begin:

What can I expect from the first session?

From the moment you enter The Clarity Group, you will feel you have entered a space of restoration, healing, and hope. The center was intentionally designed to be modern and therapeutic. Please go to the biography of the therapist you would like to see and either choose to schedule an appointment or fill out the contact section and that therapist will contact you shortly. You will receive an email prior to your first session with a link to intake paperwork. Within this link, you will create a client portal with state of the art encryption, allowing you safe and secure communication directly with your therapist. Please complete the initial intake forms prior to your first session so it does not infringe upon your therapeutic time. Your therapist or clinician will meet you in our waiting room once they are ready for your session to begin. For clients under the age of 15, the therapists at The Clarity Group request at least one parent be available for the initial session.

In cases of divorce, please bring a copy of your parenting agreement with medical decision-making abilities stated so we may begin the process of partnering with your child. Without this paperwork, both parents will be notified of treatment and your child will not be seen without consent.

Do I Need Therapy?

It can be difficult to know when to seek out professional support. Asking for help rarely comes easily, and therapists and clinicians at The Clarity Group recognize the courage it takes to work toward growth and change. You might benefit from our services if:

  • You’ve recently experienced a trauma and you feel stuck
  • You are experiencing prolonged physical pain, fatigue, or depressed mood
  • Your anxiety interferes with work or social situations
  • You need support and coaching to refine your parenting style
  • You are regularly using substances to cope with difficulties in your life
  • You feel helpless in the face of stress
  • Relationships with your partner, friends, or family are strained
  • Friends or family have expressed concern for your wellbeing
  • Your marriage seems to be more distant or you are experiencing increased conflict
  • A recent emotional or physical affair

    What are the Therapist’s Fees?

    Each therapist and clinician at The Clarity Group determines their own fee structure. Please contact each therapist directly to discuss fee and payment options.

    How Long are Sessions?

    The typical therapeutic hour is 50-60 minutes. Additional time can be scheduled with our therapists should you desire a 90-minute or 120-minute session. Full day intensives are offered by a few of our team.

    Initial 20-minute phone consultations are available free of charge should you like to discuss your circumstances more fully with a therapist.

    Do You Take Insurance?

    At this time only a few of our therapists take insurance and we cannot see clients that currently have Medicaid. However, we do take HSA and FSA cards and can provide a superbill for out of network reimbursement. Be advised that when submitting to insurance, we must provide a diagnosis for treatment that becomes a part of your permanent health record. Please discuss this further with your therapist before moving forward. Some clients prefer to utilize our private payment options to ensure the highest levels of confidentiality.

    How do I Schedule with my Counselor?

    Each therapist schedules his or her own clients, therefore please click here and follow his or her bio with specific contact information.


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