Whitney Herrman, licensed therapist specializing in grief, pre and post partum depression, fertility complications, anxiety, depression, and more. Contact her for an appointment today.

Whitney's Specialties

  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (Simple and Complex)

    • EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) Therapy Trained

    • Sexual Assault, Rape, Incest

  • Marital/Couples Therapy For Violations in Trust, Affair Recovery, High Conflict and Sexual Dissatisfaction

    • Trained in EFT Therapy

  • Adolescents (Teens) and Families

    • Individual and Family Therapy- working to reconnect back to the family and community

    • Partnering with many area schools and community organizations to discuss the psychology of next generations, parenting, femininity, and overall healthy living

  • Family Therapy

    • Trained in Multi-Systemic Therapy

    • Co-Parenting Strategy

    • Parent Coaching

  • Anxiety Reduction

    • Generalized Anxiety, Panic Attacks, OCD, Trichotillomania, Social Phobia, Performance Anxiety,

  • Depression Recovery

    • Grief and Bereavement, Overall Saddness and Lack of Joy, Suicidal Ideation

  • Women’s Issues

    • Pre- and Postpartum Depression

      • Mom2020 Advanced Training from Postpartum Support International

    • Miscarriage- Partner with mother and couple to grieve and heal

    • Pregnancy after prior trauma or a previously traumatic miscarriage or birth

    • Fertility Complications including Infertility, IVF, and Adoption

  • Sexual Identity Exploration- Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation

CALL WHITNEY: (303) 323-4722 ext. 700


Clarity Group Network Owner

Although Whitney is the owner of The Clarity Group Executive Network, her primary calling has always been partnering with teens, women, men, and marriages to bring lasting healing to those she served. Her clients immediately feel understood, know a clear path to recovery, and are empowered to rewrite what is possible. She can hear beyond the words to the heart of the pain, often helping clients access deep into their true selves. Individuals experience clarity where there was confusion and fear. It is Whitney’s belief that therapists should offer clients new strategies, implementable tools, exercises, and insights that are immediate and effective, inspiring hope and confidence throughout the process. 

As Whitney's available therapy hours became consistently sought after by the community and she was able to partner with inspirational therapists, she knew it was time to cultivate something new and meaningful in the counseling field. With a team of advisers, a network was created that would serve as a final career destination for esteemed counselors. Within this model she is surrounded by therapists who inspire, challenge and refine modern psychology. She is often heard saying, "This is the dream team of therapists and I could not be more thankful to know I will continue the work I love, alongside therapists who inspire."

Whitney is a consultant for many schools, community groups, churches, and other therapists, empowering professionals to lead and adopt strategies deeply rooted in the patterns of humanity. She encourages fellow counselors to dig deeply into what they believe about healing to cultivate an authentic connection with clients. As a sought after community speaker, Whitney has adopted an “all in this together” approach, often using her own vulnerabilities and parenting mishaps to highlight just how hard and complex the journey of life and love can be. She is a contributing author for the online blog Her View From Home, writing articles for women around the world on effective parenting, strategies to increase marital satisfaction, and insights into growing up in the modern era. 

Whitney's first priority will always be the counseling client, as she considers it an honor to witness each person's courage, wisdom and sincerity. Whether you are looking for therapy yourself, are in a marriage you are hoping to heal, or are looking for a child you love more than you thought possible, after seeing Whitney, you will immediately experience what can happen when your hope is restored.



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