growth is possible, joy will retuRn.

Clarity CAN BE Found.


You have found The Clarity Group LLC, a team of professionals that have dedicated their lives to learning the latest therapeutic strategies to bring lasting and profound healing. Whether it be for a loved one, your child, partner, marriage, family or even yourself, when life needs to change, The Clarity Group’s professionals will guide you through this difficult time. It is possible to restore the belief you once had in yourself and those around you. When life’s challenges bring you to your knees, lean on our strength and empathy to guide you. It has been a dark night, but with your courage and this first step, the morning is sure to come.



Prioritizing your health can do amazing things for those you love. Do not try to navigate this alone. We honor your courage and bring you our best.


When hope is fading, allow us the honor of hearing your pain. We will work to establish new patterns restoring peace and hope.

Adolescent & Teen Therapy

You long to connect to your son or daughter and yet it has become increasingly difficult. Let us be the bridge that connects you once again.

Parent Coaching

Your love combined with our effective parenting strategies, work to reestablish a connection to your child while regaining peace in the home. 



Toddler, Preschool, &  Child Therapy

Our therapists are passionate about kids, with specialized tools and techniques to reach children of all ages.

Public Speaking/ Teaching

We respond to the needs of the community, crafting talks around what people want to know. 

Workshops & Classes

Every stage of life brings about new questions to be answered. Let our thoughtful classes bring you inspiration as you pursue your best life.


With skilled facilitators and a compassionate enviornment, clients address isolation and grow within community.



Clinical Supervision & Consultation

We are passionate about empowering the next generation of therapists to be powerful facilitators of healing.

Executive Coaching

Sometimes the people who seem the strongest are those who carry the weight of the world. Let us help to restore your peace and joy.

Therapy Branding, & Marketing Strategy

Design effective marketing strategy, empowering you to reach the clients you were meant to work with.

Our Mission


The Clarity Group LLC was created by a powerful team of mental health professionals seeking to bring effective and sustainable therapeutic change to those facing life’s greatest challenges. We are an experienced executive network, with proven excellence in our fields, proving to be a valuable resource to the individuals, couples, and families who courageously decide now is the time to evolve. The Clarity Group believes restoration is possible to those ready to examine, evaluate, be inspired, and grow.  Customized therapeutic treatment plans will be specifically designed to accomplish your goals. At The Clarity Group, healing, renewal, and peace are possible.

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